Get Involved

Work with Intact Finland

Desired skills

  • Finnish or Swedish language copywriting and translation
  • Finnish or Swedish content creation
  • videography
  • photography
  • live streaming
  • Graphic design
  • illustration

Tasks to help with


  • make logo and branding
  • make posters and promotional material

Event organizing

  • Find venues for events
  • Find collaborating organizations for events
  • Find speakers for events
  • Find hosts for events
  • Promote events locally (canvassing)


  • writing academic articles


Research Finnish Academia

Do Finnish Universities and institutions discuss genital autonomy in the places where it should be discussed? Do Finnish universities and institutions ignore genital autonomy and genital cutting in discussions about sexual violence and bodily autonomy?

What barriers are there for victims of genital mutilation to get help or speak openly about the issue?

Translation of relevant research

Create Finnish and Swedish language content from recent scientific studies and academic literature.

Work with Intact Finland